NSCLC Stage IV bone met - 1266882

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NSCLC Stage IV bone met - 1266882

I have a major osteolytic bone met in my right thigh. This met was discovered in September this year. More than half of the bone where devoured and a little hard step could break the bone.

I was treated 10 days with radiation, eat every morning one pill calcium with vitamin D and every 4 weeks I am getting a shot of Denosumab.

For cancer treatment I am a participant of the SELECT-1 Study (Docetaxel + Selumetinib/Placebo)

I am a very active woman. I love to do my sports (Badminton and Boogie-Woogie)

My Doc told me last week that I never can do sports again. The bone will be never so strong to do sports.

Is there really no way to get this bone strong again? What can I do for my bone to be active again?

I am so desperate.



Welcome to GRACE. I am sorry to hear of your bone met, and I hope that treatment is helping. The GRACE faculty is comprised of oncologists and other cancer specialists, so your question is outside their expertise. You may want to discuss the situation with an orthopedist, who would be mostly likely to be aware of any options which could help you.

Good luck.

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I agree that first, an

I agree that first, an orthopedic specialist would be the person best qualified to address how conservative you need to be and whether any other interventions are potentially helpful, but I would also say that we would never challenge the recommendation of a doctor directly involved on such a judgment call that requires direct visualization of the scans and a better understanding of all of the details of a patient's situation.

It does sound like all of the usual "best practices" are already being initiated.

Good luck.

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