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Thu, 10/24/2019 - 18:56



Join Grace in person in San Francisco or live online November 16, 2019, for ONCTALK 2019

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Dear Grace Community,


When I was new to cancer care the first thing I learned was that I knew very little.  My husband was in the process of being diagnosed with a Pancoast tumor when I found Dr. West's posts on the subject.  That was 10 years ago.  At that time Dr. West somehow wrangled 2 additional lung cancer specialists to join him every month to discuss every question in the forums.  Alas, that schedule was unsustainable for those busy heroes.  While the oncologists only participate in the forums when Jim or I can't provide resources these oncologists still strive to reach as many people as possible on top of conducting clinical research and seeing their own patients and hopefully have rich personal lives.


One of the wonderful learning opportunities our faculty offers is OncTalk.  This live forum offers the most up to date thinking on the most important treatment decisions you have to make.  Come with all your questions, get most of them answered without even having to ask them and ask all the new questions you will form during the discussions.  Don't forget to take notes before and during.


And remember Jim and I are always here on the forums to help.  We've been there and have a pretty good understanding of the basics and where to get all the other info you need.


All the very best of hopes,


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Just a bump up to remind y'all:  We're so fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to the best and brightest share and discuss information that is so vital.  Even if you attend online you can still participate; ask the faculty questions and get comments in real time. 


OncTalk 2019
Controversies in Managing NSCLC
Connecting Patients to the Experts

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Don't forget --- Onctalk 2019 Controversies in Managing NSCLC ---

Connecting patients to the specialists.

This Saturday Morning --- 11/16/19