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Opinions appriciated - 1289574

Ive read posts on this site about pancoast tumors, and wasnt going to post but I still would like a few more much knowledgeable peoples input. I hope this doesnt upset anyone since I know the subject has been over done.

smoked on and off a pack a day from 15-30yo when i quit

I have been aware of slightly clubbing fingernails and clubbed toes since 2011

my grandama died of lung cancer.

2011 had an eye chalazion which gave me a droopy eye but it wouldnt go away untill the eye doctor surgically removed it.

2012 I started to have left shoulder impingement. and remembering my grandmother having the same shoulder complaints plus my nails. I went to a doctor for the lungs . He put me into a large breathing booth, and said that test came out Good. he also did chest x ray. findings were: lungs are clear, heart normal size, no pleural effusion or pneumothrax. He told me to find a othro.

2013 I started having trouble swallowing , had a barrium swallow test done, test was clear. swallowing problem did go away shortly after. but once in a while i do have trouble swallowing.

2014 I started feeling either numbness or pulling sensation on my left side of face, went to neurologist and brian mri came out fine. I came to the conclusion that this was being cause at work either from overusing the left arm or stress. but no real answer.

I cant say how long back but I also feel an odd tightening sensation under my left foot

my main concern is my arm however , Im so frustrated because for the last few years Ive been getting this line of pain and discomfort that runs from my thumb to my should blade ( bottom right should blade) left arm. Now the shoulder discomfort is only while working, the thumb stiffness is always there, but it only gets worse when i work. ive been on leave for months and had no shoulder pain.

I been to many many PTs othro's since the last year, and heard so many differnt things im thinking about starting a new job instead of doing any surgery.

But after reading about

But after reading about pancoast tumors last night I got very scarred again. maybe i opened pandoras box

Im wondering if since I so much time has passed since the 1st shoulder symptoms and Xray if I should stop worrying. Of if I should keep looking into this.

Im 38 years old.

the eye problem, and everything ive talked about is all on the left side.

Never cough, or any wheezing, weight is normal.

Thank you read reading.

Hi niceguy,

Hi niceguy,

I'm sorry you're having these issues. Lung cancer isn't normally genetically related though there are a few exceptions. You're right in thinking the length of time of your symptoms is too long to point to cancer. It would be highly rare to have symptoms of pain relating to lung cancer for 5 years without being diagnosed or even alive without anti cancer treatment for that matter. For the rare cases of extremely slow growing lung cancer if there are symptoms they're usually respiratory in nature (for which the breathing chamber checked). Cancer pain is caused by a tumor pressing on or growing in a structure which would be seen in scanning. X rays are very limited in detail/resolution and MRIs are limited in area seen.
Cancer pain doesn't come and go so the pain that went away is probably not cancer. Pain that travels from shoulder to hands sounds like nerve pain and has many reasons for happening of which cancer is pretty low on the list. Has your doctor suggested physical therapy? It can be helpful in strengthening specific areas to help release impingement that cause nerve pain. Repetitive motion is a big culprit of nerve problems.

With all that said a chest CT scan will certainly put any question of lung trauma to rest.
I hope you feel better soon.

All best,

I agree with Janine and long

I agree with Janine and long before my LC diagnosis, I had a similar problem to yours. I suffered with mine for 5 years before figuring out and not medically because I'd been to and had all kinds of medical tests that showed nothing. It was not one but two pinched nerves in my neck. I saw a chiropractor and was really good as new within a few months of adjustments. Try this and I think you'll notice a world of difference. I've never had it happen again and went to a chiropractor monthly for adjustments until my LC diagnosis
Your symptoms do not sound like LC and with a pancoast tumor, it it was causing that much pain it would've been found out by now. The pain is only when the tumor is growing and being invasive. If your insurance will cover it, have a low dose CT scan and find out once and for all.
Take care, Judy

1st of all thanks to both for

1st of all thanks to both for taking the time to respond. I will try and ask for the CT scan if my doctor will order it . However i did see my ortho last night to talk about my arm and he did another chest x ray since i told him my concern. This is my 3rd chest x ray since 2012, it was clear. He also added that by now something should have shown up if I been in discomfort and pain for years. I dunno if that was a waste of time and exposure but he seemed to dismiss the issue right then and there. hes recommending elbow surgery to repair damage from an old dislocation .