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Thu, 12/21/2017 - 20:16

I had my pluerx catheter removed a month ago and recently I started experiencing internal pain in the area not all the time it comes randomly. When the pain hits it's so severe it brings tears to my eyes. My Dr is contributing it to my lung cancer but it is not. I'm never in pain but the Dr is calling for another CT scan of the chest. Please tell me if you've ever heard of this before.

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Hi 22414ydh,

Welcome to GRACE. I'm sorry to hear of the pain that you're experiencing, and I hope that with continued follow-up your doctor will be able to reduce it. Although there are cases in which infection occurs after removal of a Pleurx catheter, the interval between the removal of your catheter and the onset of your symptoms is unusual, as is the intermittent nature of the pain.

It seems that the best course is continue following up with your doctor to attempt to discover the cause, which I hope will lead to a therapy that will diminish or eliminate your pain.

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