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Pancoast update - 1268631's been several months since my first post & diagnosis. I was diagnosed with a large pancoast tumor in my left lung last July. Had most of the typical pancoast symptoms with the pain in left shoulder, arm, and numb fingers. This mass was deemed inoperable and incurable at the time. Fast forward - I had 35 radiation treatments & 4 low dose carboplatin/taxol & 4 standard dose carbo/taxol treatments. Radiation was tolerated well and except for the the last 2 cycles of chemo (that was living hell, but made it thru it) the tumor shrank a bit- enough to get it off the brachial plexus and ease pain quite a bit. At this time I'm told the cancer is stable but still inoperable and we take a palliative approach to further treatments. It's been a couple of months since last chemo and still quite fatigued. The pain I do have is well tolerated with fentanyl and an occasional dose of oxycodone. I do have neuropathy in my fingers of both hands and feet and hoping that subsides as more time goes by. So as I gain strength day by day we will see what next steps to take.
This site is great and I stop by often to catch up on latest. Thanks for being here.

Rick, glad to hear you're

Rick, glad to hear you're doing better. You can try taking L-glutamine and alpha lipoic acid to help with the neuropathy. Wishing you the best. Take care, Judy