PET scan for Follicular lymphoma


Can someone please explain redemonstration and mild FDG avidity? 
We are waiting to hear back from the oncologist. 

Redemonstration of the mesenteric fat stranding with multiple prominent subcentimeter mesenteric lymph nodes as well as multiple small retroperitoneal and left common iliac lymph nodes with mild FDG avidity (below hepatic background activity). 

This is the post chemo PET scan and it was compared to the PET scan done mid chemo. We are NOT looking for medical opinions, just trying to figure out what this means. 

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Hi Bellesdad,


Welcome to Grace.  I'm sorry you need to be here.  To redemonstrate is to demonstrate again or show again.  FDG avidity refers to the amount of sugar tracer that has accumulated in a place.  It appears the report is saying the spot in question is showing the same mild (low) amount of uptake of the tracer FDG (which would have a relatively low SUV number).  That's usually a good thing when it comes to measuring a spot the is known to be cancer.  Unfortunately, you'll need to wait to talk with the oncologist to get the proper picture of what that means in your situation.  I always make sure to get the scan and onc appointments as close together as possible to ensure as short a wait as possible between the scan and the learning how that pertains to my husband. 


This is a primer on PET scans that may be helpful.


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