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Dr. West,

I was wondering if you have any information regarding plasmacytoid bladder cancer. I know its rare and aggressive. My husband was diagnosed may 2014 pT2N0N0. After a RC with neobladder he is so far doing pretty good. Have you treated any long time survivors of this type?




Hi plandrover2,

I'm sorry your husband was diagnosed with this disease. It's true that when you look at many subjects with plasmacytoid bladder cancer there's worse overall survival rates than other types of bladder cancer. However those are groups of people some of which do well some don't, it doesn't mean that all people with pbc have bad outcomes.

Your husband is an individual person doing well several months out from diagnosis, that's the best sign that he's going to have the best of outcomes. Looking at large numbers of people are not the same as an individual. My husband is a perfect example. He had/has lung cancer the type and extent of which has a very poor prognosis. He has no evidence of disease today 6 1/2 years later.

I hope this helps soothe some nerves but I know how very difficult it is waiting for verification. In this type of case only time will tell. The waiting is really the hardest part, Tom Petty knew what he was talking about.

Best of luck,

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Your story is very uplifting! I love to hear stories like your husband and hope I can lift someone else someday with telling my husbands story in years ahead. Thanks for replying