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Thu, 12/05/2013 - 11:43

Hello Dear Friends:

As most of you know, in addition to being a devoted member, I also serve on GRACE's Board of Directors. This is a volunteer position and one that I love because, among other things, it allows me a close-up peek at the inner-workings of GRACE and the progress that it is making.

Our biggest "coup" in 2013 was landing Carlea Bauman as our new CEO. Carlea comes to us with an extensive background in the cancer non-profit world, and we are very excited about the wisdom and experience that she brings to the table. In fact, great things are anticipated in 2014, including a redesigned/easier-to-navigate website, better accessibility, better ways to facilitate member-member and/or faculty-member communications, and - - of course - - content content content! You will be hearing more about all of this overtime from Carlea, Dr. West and some of our other hero faculty members.

But for now, I have a small request to make. As I have said before, there are MANY worthy causes out there that deserve your support and funding. But, for those who have been thrust into the cancer-world - - and who then fortuitously found GRACE and its latest-greatest-state-of-the-art-trial tested-treatment information/options and became empowered by it - - there is no worthier cause than GRACE. No amount is too small, and every dollar will help get potentially life-altering information to a person or the loved one of a person suffering from this terrible disease. GRACE is the great equalizer. It allows the best information to be available - - FOR FREE - - to all, regardless of where a person is from, their proximity to a major cancer-treatment/research institute, and/or money. It facilitates a different (and, in my opinion, BETTER) dialogue between patients and their doctors. It EMPOWERS!

Here is the link to the donation page if you are so inclined:…

Much love to you all...xoxo

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