Post Operative Analysis - Sigmoid Colon Cancer - 1289942

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Post Operative Analysis - Sigmoid Colon Cancer - 1289942

My father (age-67 years) was Diagnosed with Sigmoid Colon Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) in November 2016. He undergwent an operation in December 2016 for Resection of affected area, as pre-operative CT scan showed it to be a T2 N1 M0 (5cm x 5cm approx size- copy attached). CT scan did not show any other related issues/ spread in the body.
His post- operative Histopath report of the removed mass concludes it as " Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma with Mucinous Component - PT2 PN0 PMX" (copy of histopath report is attached).
However, in his post operative CT Scan (done in Jan 2017), there are 2x 7mm sized pulmonary nodules, which the report concludes as "likely metastatic" (copy of report attached).. (just for information- at the time of his post operative CT Scan, he had a viral infection (flu and cough) with 101 F temperature).
The oncologist has suggested Chemotherapy, however, he has given us not very high hopes..
My family is very much worried.. what are your views and opinions about this? What do you suggest?