Bronchial adenocarcinoma - 1289022

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Bronchial adenocarcinoma - 1289022

Good day to all

Two weeks back my mom was diagnosed by Bronchogenic adenocarcinoma .. they thought in the beginning that it is mesothelioma as there was a malignant pleural effusion with thickening of the pleura, but the immunophenotyping showed that it is not.
She started Alimta 950 mg last week and the doctor asked for EGFR and PET scan.

My First question is is there is any problem to do PET scan while taking Alimta, as we heard from the radiologist that it should be 4 weeks away from the chemotherapy while she is receiving Alimta every 21 days..
Is this right or we can do the PET scan ??

Second Question : i attached all the reports we have till now so i want your opinion if we are moving in the right direction or no or if anything more can be done or any other drug can be added.
the doctors said that they will give 3 doses of Alimta then they will do re evaluation..

Thanks and pray for us... h e