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double trouble
Provigil for CRF? - 1265526

Hi gang.

My Hospice doctor has prescribed Provigil (Modafinil) for CRF (Cancer Related Fatigue). I have been sleeping way too much so I requested we give this a try. I've been reading that studies indicate there is not much difference in response between Provigil and placebo. But to the contrary, reading results from a GRACE search I see that our beloved Joe S.'s wife got good results, and I trust that he was a very good source of reliable information.

So my questions are, am I missing anything? Any new information/studies?
To our faculty: Have you prescribed and had success with this drug?
To fellow patients/caregivers: Do you have any experience or advice on the use of Provigil for fatigue?

I am not currently undergoing any type of treatment, but I am on a variety of drugs, including several for pain, many of which list drowsiness as a side effect.

Thanks in advance for all replies. With much love and respect to all,

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I have no answer to your question. I just wanted to say Hello and tell you that I'm thrilled to see you here again! I think of you often.

double trouble
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Hi Sherry! I posted to New New Plan but the whole thing got lost somewhere in cyberspace. I'll repost soon on that thread. Thanks for the hello! You sound great!

double trouble
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Hi Sherry! Thanks for the hello, and you sound great! That makes me happy! XOXO

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Hi Debra, Good to read your words. I've not had any experience but I'll make sure we have a doc or 2 comment.

You very likely had difficulty with New New Plan because the site is having issues. Mark is on the move and should/hope to have a fix by the morning. Just received an email saying he's going to be working on it about 10pm pacific and not for more than an hour or so. The sites been moving slower for several days and got to a crawl at best yesterday. With my extreme nontech mind, I think you just have to revamp every year or so to keep up with the technology.

Hi Sherry, It's good to hear from you as well. :)

I miss seeing you two around but understand.

Dr West
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I've used it here and there and haven't been wowed by it. It serves the purpose of at least trying something; I've tried Provigil (modafinil), Ritalin (methlphenidate), or just garden variety Decadron (dexamethasone) and have found that some patients get some vague, modest benefit, but nothing consistent.

The hospice teams I've shared patients with most often try Decadron, by far the cheapest option among all of these with so-so results.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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