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My mother has stage 4 NSCLC adenocarcinoma (EGFR, ALK, PDL negative) for almost 2 years. She has had previous 3 cycles of chemo. Her disease is progressing..She waited to enter the PDL1 trial but unfortunately she was PDL negative..

Are there any trials currently recruiting PDL negative patients......

The Checkmate 17 trial results are very promising..

Is it possible to buy the Anti PD1 antibody and give it outside a trial setting? if so do you know any contacts to procure?




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Hi Sadasivam,

Welcome to GRACE. I am sorry to hear that your mother's lung cancer is progressing. There are trials which allow patients who are not PDL1 positive. For example, in a previous post Dr. Creelan said:

"We have MK-3475 (Merck anti-PD-1, formerly known as lambrolizumab) trials open at our center but not for lung. However, I am active in the other three companies’s trials:

1. MEDI4736, MedImmune’s promising anti-PD-1 drug, does not require PDL1+ status. This is a Phase I/II single-agent trial. We also have a Phase I trial of MEDI4736 + tremilimumab.

2. MPDL3980A, Genentech/Roche’s promising anti-PD-L1 drug. This requires PD-L1+ status with certain exceptions. We have this open as a Phase I/II trial.

3. Nivolumab (BMS-936558), Bristol-Myers Squibb’s promising anti-PD-1 drug, we have open as single-agent and also in combination with Yervoy (ipilimumab) as a Phase I/II trial. This does not require PD-L1 positive status. We also have a trial of nivolumab plus anti-KIR antibody, and nivolumab plus IL-21, as well as Yervoy plus anti-KIR antibody.

In addition, we also a few Phase III randomized trials with these agents vs chemo, but the downside with those is that one cannot be certain of getting the actual study drug. Overall, I suggest clinicaltrials.gov search for centers offering active nivolumab or MEDI4736 trials. Hopkins or Memorial-Sloan Kettering may be safe places to start. The other factor is that one may need to be prepared to wait for a few weeks for a slot to open up for you." - http://cancergrace.org/topic/anti-pd1-for-pdl1-negative-patients#post-1…

Since his post was over a year ago, you may want to follow his suggestion and search clinicaltrials.gov for currently recruiting trials.

Aside from the trial setting, probably the only other way to get a trial drug of this sort is through the drug manufacturer's compassionate use program, if they have one in place for that drug.

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