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Radiation after Chemo remission - 1241522

Newbie here so forgive me, was diagnosed Aug 19 2011 with brain tumor, met from lung. Stage VI adenacarcinoma, met to precardial lymph. Craniotomy for brain, cyber knife radiation 6 weeks later. Last scan of brain, jan. 30 clear, started 4 cycles cisp/avastin/alimta in early Oct. PET scan after 3 rounds showed complete remission. Oh I forgot to mention they cannot find primary. My Doc. talked to tumor board and put me on 4 more cycles avastin/alimta then wants to possibly do 7 weeks radiation to lymph area. My question, will all that radiation promote more tumor growth? Also, the doc who read the PET which showed remission, thought I had the lymph "resectioned" as it was not visible. Will the radiation burn a hole in my chest and why do you suppose they want to radiate there? Sorry for the misspellings also.

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The radiation will not promote growth of the cancer, nor will it burn a hole in your chest. The people who give radiation are trained to give an amount that can kill cancer while doing the least amount of damage possible to normal tissues. As for why radiation would be given, my presumption is that it would be given because of a suspicion that there may still be viable cancer cells there, since chemotherapy alone isn't able to kill every last cancer cell on its own, even if they don't appear abnormal on a scan.

Good luck.

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Thank you For taking the time to answer my questions.