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radiotherapy outlook - 1264647

Hi I have been on Gem/Carbo for NSCL ,3B , lymph node involvement in hilar area . There is also evidence of a pericardial effusion on opposite side to tumour. Though recent echo/scan showed very little fluid. Due to the small amount.The cardio consultant decided not to drain for testing , as there wasn't enough to drain without any risk involved. So they are just monitoring. I have had a scan after 3 cycles of chemo , on my 4th one now ( last one). I received good news, the tumour has decreased from 3 cm to 1.9 cm , and there has been decrease in size to my lymph nodes. I am now being put forward for 20 sessions of radiotherapy , to start after chemo has finished. Is it possible that the radiotherapy will control the decrease or even aid further decrease. I am not experiencing any pain or breathing problems , so I feel the radiotherapy is to treat or control. And to date not sure what happens after my radiotherapy. I am thinking that the decrease also offers me a more positive outlook for prolonging my survival .
I would be most grateful for any feedback.

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Hi Sweetchic,

Radiation after chemotherapy can often kill more cancer cells and further shrink tumors and nodes. You can read a good introduction to Stage 3b lung cancer treatment in this discussion by Dr. Pinder:

Good luck with your remaining treatment!

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Yes, I suspect that if there is any question about whether the pericardial effusion represents cancer, the radiation is to provide an improved chance of long-term survival. It is absolutely possible that the cancer will shrink further with the radiation.

For stage IIIB NSCLC, there is no role for ongoing treatment, so I suspect the recommendation will be for no further treatment and only clinical and imaging surveillance after that.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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Thank you Dr West and Jim for your feedback ,
I am very grateful for more insight into my treatment. I do feel more positive relating to my outlook for long term survival since the news I received of shrinkage from my chemo treatment. And the chance of radiotherapy offering even more shrinkage. or control over my current condition.

Thank you again for your responses and the link relating to stage 3b NSCLC.