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Tue, 05/01/2018 - 21:19

Hii everyone

My mum had her 6 month post lobectomy scan which came back with enlarged para tracheal lymph node 2cm in right side and fibrotic lesion in right middle and upper lobe, she is going for a PET scan soon, just wondering if anyone else had a report similar to this, mum had right upper lobectomy in december and was stage 1b post surgery due to visceral pleural invasion but couldnt do chemo as wasnt recovered well post op by then, 2 lymph nodes were removed during surgery both were negative, thanks for reading along. Didnt think cancer will return so fast.


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Hi Jess,

I'm sorry for your sad news. I also only had two lymph nodes removed during VATS and ended up 1b with pleural invasion. Unfortunately cancer, especially lung cancer, can rear it's head at any time.

There's a lot of hope now in new treatments that weren't approved 5 years ago, if it does turn out to be cancer. The PET scan will provide some information but it isnt' definite either like a biopsy is. It might still be relatively 'early' cancer.

She could have still had adjuvant treatment up to 18 weeks after surgery, as we discussed on another thread. There are debates about which 1b patients should get adjuvant too...

I would seriously look at getting a second opinion if at all possible this time around in her treatment. Modern treatment is a very complicated situation sometimes and it is good to get at least two sets of eyes on her care.


Hi Jess,

I too am sorry to hear of your mum's possible recurrence, but it's good to remember that lymph nodes enlarge for a variety of non-cancer related reasons, and fibrotic tissue may be the result of surgery or another process, and hopefully your mum's is limited in extent.

The PET scan will provide additional information, but not a definitive answer, as the lymph node may light up as a result of an infectious or inflammatory process. As stated above, when the results become available, a second opinion may be a good option, since your mum may be at a decision point as to whether to initiate treatment or follow up with a subsequent scan. Dr. Weiss has a good post on the subject of second opinions here.

I hope that this proves to be much less worrisome than it appears at first look.

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Thank you for your replies, praying its not a recurrence, mum will see a new onc after PET scan so she has a report with her, her surgeon ordered this scan as the previous onc treated mum and dad very badly as he came to know mum went for a second opinion with another onc(was when she got the diagnosis at first and was figuring out what to do) so mum doesnt want to see him and will see another onc suggested by surgeon this time. Thanks again


Hii Everyone

Mum had biopsy of lymph node which shows cancer as per pulmonologist doesnt get official report till saturday and will see onc on monday, i am just wondering if anyone here had anything similar to this and what the treatment was in their case?? Mum had EGFR exon 20 in the genetic testing done after the first surgery sample, will ask whether this sample will be tested or not, thanks for reading along, I really appreciate all your replies.