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should I or shouldn't I??? - 1265331

I had my ULL removed May 2013. 4 rounds of chemo and 5 radiation treatments (decided to not finish the radiation). My last CT scan was June 2014. It was clean. Not scheduled for another one until December.

Over the last couple of weeks I've developed an occasional cough. A couple of times it has been pretty intense but I'm not coughing up anything. My lower left rib cage has been hurting the last couple of days (tender to the touch and sort of feels "heavy") and maybe I'm a little wheezy and I maybe am not feeling as good...just started using a CPAP machine 10 days ago...

Sometimes it is so hard to know whether to go to the doctor or not. I mean my lower rib cage has hurt on occasion which I believe is just left over nerve pain from the VATS but I don't know...should I wait until my oncology checkup in September or talk to him now?



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Hi Sandy,

As people not involved with your care directly, we can't assess what's happening; moreover, we are legally forbidden from providing medical advice. With that said, anytime you have new symptoms such as a cough it's important to let your oncologist know so he/she can make the call on whether you should come in earlier.

I hope/plan it's nothing. Please let use know how things go.