Simon Said

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 12:18

I've lifted this directly from Simon because Simon Always Said it best. 

"We are just ordinary people. At the same time, we are extraordinary, because we are people.  It's enough to think of how extraordinary this forum is, how inspired, how important it has been to people like you and me, because someone thought of it, and it became so, and here we are, otherwise alone, isolated, without the shared feeling that gives us strength to deal with what we must face. 

We are afraid. We fear pain, suffering, grief, loss.  We are not heroes. Yet together, we have more strength than we might. We are family"

Today is Giving Tuesday.  Because Dr. West believed we as laypeople could take in the difficult concepts of cancer treatment and use it to affect change in our or our loved one's cancer treatment I work with Grace.  I'm honored to be a moderator on the forums that helped me so much when my husband went through lung cancer treatment.  

I hope you can and will give.

All the best,