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double trouble

Hello Grace community.  I've brought this old thread back up to the forefront.  I've looked for Ned's (recce101) "What a Nice Suit" joke on and off for a couple of years and found it today (it's the last 2 posts in this thread).  It refers to the managment of side effects causing more side effects and etc. etc.  The thread was started by Debra aka double trouble.   Enjoy, Janine


In memory of Ned... a re-run of a vid he posted some time ago... enjoy




I had completely forgotten that video. Thanks for bringing it back.
Here's another from Ned.

recce101 says:
September 2, 2009 at 5:48 pm
My arm is sufficiently twisted. So visualize Capt. T, the air navigation academic instructor, pacing the floor and acting out every detail:
Mike, a big athletic guy in the prime of life, is striding down a Fifth Avenue sidewalk. He sees an attractive display of men’s suits in the window of an upscale store, and with some extra cash in his pocket and a big event coming up, decides to enter. He is greeted by Mr. Reisman, who helps him with a selection and adjusts it approvingly after Mike tries it on. “Sir, what a nice suit — it fits you perfectly!” Mike agrees, pays for the suit, and wears it out of the store.
A block or two down the sidewalk, Mike stops to admire himself in a reflective window. “What a nice suit!” he thinks, but then sees that the left sleeve is about an inch shorter than the right. He goes back to the store and points this out to Mr. Reisman. “Sir, all you have to do is pull the sleeve down, curl your fingers in and hold the edge in your hand, and it will be fine.” Mike agrees to try that and walks out of the store as Mr. Reisman reiterates, “What a nice suit!”
Mike stops again at the reflective window, sees that holding the left sleeve down does prevent it from looking too short, but now notices that the left side of the collar is pulled away from his neck. So it’s back to the store.
“No problem, sir!” says Mr. Reisman. “First, tilt your head down to the left so your chin keeps the collar in place, then hold your left sleeve as you did before, and it will be fine.” Mike agrees, and leaves to Mr. Reisman’s familiar words, “What a nice suit!”



This routine repeats once or twice more, and an increasingly despondent Mike also has his right arm behind his back correcting a problem there. As he hobbles down the sidewalk, a couple spots him from some distance away. The wife leans toward her spouse and whispers, “Honey, look at that poor crippled man coming toward us,” whereupon the husband responds, “But what a nice suit!”
This story was not tied into the day’s lesson in any way, so I don’t know why I remember it so vividly, except that Capt. T was Jewish and did such a marvelous job with Mr. Reisman’s New York accent. But when I had my first experience with a drug side effect requiring a second drug (a diuretic, then a potassium supplement), the story of the nice suit came bubbling up from my distant memory banks. I told my wife, who was distinctly unimpressed: “People who aren’t funny shouldn’t tell jokes or funny stories.” But now, several years later, I take great pleasure when we encounter yet another drug interaction or unintended consequence and she is the first to say, “But what a nice suit!”
Okay, color me weird.