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Slow growth metastisis? - 1266453

What is "slow growth"? A PET 6 months ago showed nothing and now there is a 1.3 cm nodule with a SUV max at 3.0. Also 2 foci of increased FDG uptake in the axilla- a 6-mm lymph node with SUV max of 2.1 and the second is 7 mm with SUV max of 1.5. Is this considered SLOW or FAST growing?

Dr West
Those are obviously

Those are obviously subjective terms for which there is no clear answer, like what constutes tall or short. I would consider slow growth as barely perceptible or no growth over at least 4-6 months. "Fast" would be significant change over a month or two. But these are just ends of a spectrum, with most cases between those two extremes.

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