Tagrisso after Afatinib

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Tagrisso after Afatinib

Hi, my mum developed resistance to Afatinib after around 7 months. Docs did a rebiopsy and found T790 mutation so they're switching her to Tagrisso 80mg. Would like to verify that the gap days from her last intake of Afatinib has to be at least 10 days before starting Tagrisso? I only found one material online regarding this which states that the median time between stopping Afatinib and starting Tagrisso is between 10-16 days. Many thanks! 

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Hi Katze88,I'm sorry for the

Hi Katze88,

I'm sorry for the late response.  I've just sent your question out but you should also be able to ask the prescribing pharmacist.



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I received an answer from Dr.

I received an answer from Dr. West to the question, "Is there a break time between afatinib and tagrisso needed?".

To which his simple answer is "no". 


I suppose the info you found might have been from a study where they wanted to make sure the old drug was out of the system before collecting data on the study drug. But there's no safety or efficacy need to take a break between changes.  On the other hand, there wouldn't be any significant problem with a break of a few days. 


I hope this helps and I hope the new treatment works well for a long long time.

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