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As I enter the Jewish New Year once more, I just wanted to give a big thanks and share my gratitude to all of you.  Back in March we didn't think my wife was going to be here at this time, and now here she is, feeling better than she has in a long time. This journey has been an incredible emotional roller coaster ride, but you have been through it with me from the beginning.  Thank you for your support, your information, and for all you do to make this journey a little bit more tolerable.  I am so very, very, grateful.  May the year ahead be filled with blessings of love and peace and health for all of you who work so hard to help others!

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Thank you for your kind words. It is always good to hear that GRACE makes a difference. It's even better to know that your wife is doing so well. It really is important to us, not to mention heartwarming, to get these good-news updates.


Happy New Year to you and your wife!


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I second all that Jim said.  May your year be filled with few side effects and happy moments.

Happy New Year!


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Hi dmal70.

Thanks for your remarks and wishes.  Hope all is the best with you as well.  Hope your holidays are bright and full of love and peace.

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Hi dmal, welcome to Grace.  This is a good first thread to read.  I'm sorry you need to be here but don't hesitate to ask for help. 


Stay safe,


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Hi dmal,


That's GREAT!  What treatment did you have?  Thank you so much for the offer to share info.  Whether you are sharing information about treatments, insurance, coping, we are very happy for you to share your experience and knowledge on the forum.  There seems to be no shortage of topics that don't get a unique perspective when it comes to lung cancer.   And if you have any questions about posting or searching the site let me know.  If I can't figure it out Jim or Denise will.


Be safe and CONGRATULATIONS again:)