Happy Thanksgiving

Mon, 11/30/2020 - 20:33

Hi!  Just realized I hadn't posted in a while and wanted to send a brief update and a big thanks for Thanksgiving (a few days late).

All is still going well - blood tests still show a continuing stability or reduction in toxicity for all the liver enzymes.  Some are now down to being within the normal range.  Side effects are relatively low and pretty manageable so far - some rash and some digestive issues.  Oncologist was so pleased that he has extended regular blood tests to every 10 days instead of every week, and CT scans every 9-10 weeks instead of every 8.  Still some low potassium, RBCs are below normal but steady.

So, everything is continuing to go well, and we are enjoying having our daughter/son-in-law/grandson nearby as long as their work and studies continue virtually.

And, lest you think I forgot, I wanted to send my big thanks to all of you!  Your help, support, and understanding when times were not so good was so very important, and now that things are better for the moment I am no less grateful for all your help.  May the holiday season be filled with light and love and peace for all of you.  You have my deepest thanks, and my unending gratitude.

You have my deepest thanks! 

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Hi Scohn,


That's great to hear she's doing so much better.  I thought about you yesterday and decided we haven't heard from you because you and she were busy living life and doing better.  Glad to know I was right.  :)

I remember it took months for Don's blood work to return to normal.  I know y'all are relieved not to have to go to cancer center as often. 


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, a few days late.  I don't think anyone minds us giving thanks not on the day. :). Thank you for sharing your info with the forum, I know there are others who have been thankful to have it available.


Take care,