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thoughts? - 1290748

My mom had a concerning spot on her left lung about 3 years ago. The location was possibly bordering both lobes and very close to the aortic valve, This made getting a biopsy difficult. They first tried to sweep for cells. That came back negative for cancer, but the doctor wasn't able to get close enough. Then they tried a biopsy and again weren't able to get enough tissue and that came back atypical suspicious.
Assuming it was cancer she was treated with SBRT. She recently had a follow up (its been just over 2.5 yrs from treatment) and the finding was that it had grown. Her radiation oncologist didn't necessarily agree with the findings, but sent her for a PET scan to be safe. It showed borderline activity (doctors words)
Well now they want to do a GPS guided bronchoscopy to biopsy. She went in today for her consultation and was given another more in depth CT scan. The doctor said it looked smaller from the last scan less than a month ago. (I know the whole slicing of an orange analogy), but he didn't mention that. He just said it looked smaller. As with before, the biopsy would be difficult and potentially dangerous due to location. Her doctor wants to bring her case to the tumor board, so we are waiting on that.
I know they are the doctors and they are highly trained, but is this all necessary? Would it be foolish do the wait and watch approach?

3 years ago I came to this site for answers. She was on track to have her lung removed(on an assumption) Dr West suggested SBRT which we hadn't heard about. Well, it saved my mom from getting her lung removed and I as her daughter am most grateful. Thank you!