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Thu, 11/29/2012 - 06:26

I had my quarterly pt/ct scan for my lung cancer a month ago. I'd been told once again that it was clean of cancer (has been that way since at least February of this year). I picked up a copy of the report at this week's doctor's visit. It does indeed say that there is no sign of malignancy as the end result.

In looking over the report, I do see that it says in the body of the report that there is a trace pericardial effusion. I had a pericardial window (subaxiphoid) put in about a year and a half ago. I have not seen anything noted in the pericardial region since I started getting my scans done at my current facility (they were done elsewhere until last December).

Is a trace pericardial effusion anything I should worry about especially given that no malignancy was noted? I would think that some extremely small amount of liquid is normal and wonder if this is just something that this particular radiologist noted and that perhaps the other radiologists before him haven't bothered with.

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Congratulations funnymom! I'm thrilled your scans look so good.

I think you answered your own question but I'll ask a doctor to comment.

Hoping all your future scans are as good,


Dr. Tsao while not new to Grace is new to the forums (or at least it's been well before our new setup) She sent a reply by email. Her comment is pasted below. I've also pasted search results to her very informative discussions throughout her tenure here at Grace.

Of course you know not to take this as medical advise since she isn't your doctor, has none of your records.

She says, "Hi – I don’t think there is anything to be concerned about a trace pericardial effusion. However, she should be monitored and I would recommend an evaluation every 3 months or immediately if she has symptoms of SOB or chest pain. Best, Anne" Dr. Tsao

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Congrats again! It's so good reading your success story. I look forward to your continued success,