Treatment Options Post progression from Tarceva and Tagrisso

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Treatment Options Post progression from Tarceva and Tagrisso

Hi community,

I was diagnesed advanced, NSCLC, with egfr mutation in 11, 2016. Was on Tarceva for 18 nonths, Am currently on Tagrisso but I am no longer progression free.

Platinum boublet chemo + Avastin is an option for me, was wondering what others are doing in similar situation.  


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 Hi bsheif,Welcome to Grace.

 Hi bsheif,

Welcome to Grace. I want to share this discussion with you on the subject of where to go after tagrisso. 

There appears to be a greater chance that alimta will work and for a longer time in people with a driver mutation.

Note what is said about a heightened chance of developing pneumonitis after using an immunotherapy.  

I'll check back in with you tomorrow to see what if anything you got from the link.  I'm sorry it took so long to reply. It was an oversight on my part. 

There's also the possibility that staying on tagrisso alone or with radiation after progressing in one or two places is worth trying.