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Sun, 02/02/2014 - 23:23

My Dad had his appointment with his oncologist this week and next week will start radiation and chemo with the intent to cure his stage 3 NSCLC (T2aN2). He had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove the 4mm tumour in his right lung but they found that 5 out of the 8 lymph nodes removed were affected (hilar and mediastinal area).
He is recovering OK from the surgery yet still short of breath, waking up frequently at night and tired. He is trying to do gentle exercise daily before his treatments begin on Monday. Anxious.
Dad will receive radiation (9 days per fortnight for 25 treatments) and Cisplatin (once per week for 6 weeks) so difficult to know what to expect especially having treatment soon after surgery. The nurses have explained the side effects and the anti-nausea drugs that they can give.
After a 4 to 6 week break they will give him Taxtotere, once every 3 weeks for ? 3 treatments.
I have not read much about this combination. Is this a commonly used approach?

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Although Cisplatin/vinorelbine has the most clinical data in its favor, and tops the NCCN guideline chart (second slide here:… ), cisplatin/taxotere is listed as an acceptable alternative that is also used. As Dr. West has said:

"In truth, carboplatin/paclitaxel is the most commonly used adjuvant chemotherapy regimen in the US, but it’s not the best studied. In patients who can tolerate cisplatin, most experts favor a cisplatin-based combination.... Carboplatin/paclitaxel is often favored because it’s easier to tolerate." He also stated that "any of the [listed] options ... would be a very fine choice"

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