Trimodality treatment for stage IIIA or B LC - 1246636


Per this blog by Dr. West:, would this be normal to do with other types of tumors as well? Such as adeno, squamous, etc.
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Dr West
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A Pancoast tumor is "classically" a squamous NSCLC, but it's really defined by the location, and we see plenty that are adenocarcinomas. To answer your question, the treatment is based on the location/stage more than the histology. It's just that squamous cancers have more of a tendency to grow locally well before they spread more distantly, while adenocarcinomas are less likely to stay in the same place for long. That said, there's plenty of overlapping behavior.

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Judy, just popping in to say hi. I miss you around here. You know just because we changed the way we contact doctors for input doesn't mean we don't need yours.
Can I take it you're asking this question for someone else and not yourself? I think part of it is that the tumor is locally very difficult to access and/or get all of. So it's been found that throwing everything at it gives a reasonable chance for cure.

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thanks ladies! It was a question regarding someone else. I've been busy getting my neighbor through a LC diagnosis and starting radiation. She's having a hard time and I've been going to all her appts. with her. She then contracted pneumonia and is now getting better in rehab. Radiation for four more days then they'll talk about chemo. Not sure she'll go that route. I'll try to drop in more often. Take care all, Judy