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Thu, 03/27/2014 - 18:40

Hi Dr. West:

My wife and I decided to be volunteers that benefit Lungevity this year. My wife is a survivor and we will be forming a team for Breath Deep Seattle 2014 walk, with me doing the leg work behind the scene.....we formed a team the last two years. This year, the theme of our team is Celebration: Research is the hope. Survivors are the beacon of hope!

We would like to reach out to survivors (and caregivers) in Puget Sound Area about the possibility of joining the team as honorary team captains. There will also be a Hope Summit regional forum (for survivors and caregivers) in Seattle. Both events will be in August. Can I use GRACE to invite people for both?. Thanks!

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Thanks Dr.West.

Last year's event raised over $100k and our team raised close to 10% of it. But that is more of a byproduct. It is the spirit and the heart behind and what one felt during the event that are more important: the money goes to research and hope while survivors are the beacon of hope.