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WBC of 17 - 1251114

Hi everyone! Haven't posted in a while. Things have been crazy. Mom was on alimta maintenance for 6 rounds, onc took her off because she developed severe neuropathy. Her cough and bone pain is gone, so I'm afraid for palliative reasons that she's off msintenance. She got a pet scan last Friday, and I swear that the really nice guy that brought her back avoided eye contact me when he brought her back : (
She fell asleep drinking that juice and it spilled all over herself. It's so horrid and sad, I'm not going to lie. Anyway... Three days before her pet, she met with the onc for maintenance and get second zometa infusion. Her WBC is 17. Since she has no outward infection, nothing was prescribed. She still takes a half of a steroid pill which I heard could elevate it. Also, her liverAst was mildly elevated for the first time ever (about ten points). I'm terrified what the pet scan will show. Does anyone have any clue what could elevate her WBC? After the pets scan results the onc will decide what to do next. I really want her on an anti pd1 or Lucinex. anyway... Hope you all are doing okay

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The WBC can vary so much on chemo, steroids, and sometimes medications to stimulate the bone marrow after chemo that I would consider this to not be among the top 1000 things to worry about. I would put it in the category of "borrowing trouble", very likely of absolutely no significance or consequence, though her oncologist would be in a better position to confirm that.

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