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Hello, I'm new here. I had a

Hello, I'm new here. I had a VATs resection for a 2.6 cm Squamous, poorly-differentiated nsclc, in December of 2017. I'm coming up on my first CT follow-up, and am a nervous wreck.

A month ago I printed out the pathology reports which showed a strong positivity for p.16, and AE1/AE3. CD56 was negative. A Ml/B1 marker is positive in 70% of the nuclei. It was negative for TTF1, and there was a mention of the possibility of a metastasis from the nasopharynx. The margins were clear. I don't think they do mutation testing until the cancer progresses past 1A. I don't think they do much if it is Squamous. I did wonder about the metastasis from the nasopharynx. There was no follow-up regarding that. I'd had an Adenoid nodule biopsied a few years ago, but it was negative for cancer.

The surgeon removed 1/3 of my RLL, but found quite a number of pulmonary adhesions. In order to get to the tumor, the surgeon had to pull my lung away from the ribs it was adhered to. I had been hit by a bicyclist over 7 years ago while I crossed the street. The chest injury was severe with 8 rib fractures (multiple places), a lung contusion, and fractured scapula. The surgeon had to remove the adhesions so he could get to the tumor. I have a separate line of sutures just from that procedure.

So in my uneducated mind I keep thinking I have a cancer that started in my nose, and it wouldn't have even started growing if the idiot that hit me with her bicycle hadn't done so.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Five more days until the 4-month CT!

The path is listing the

The path is listing the stains and any markers found at the time (see link). If this had been cancer from 7 years ago, it would likely have reared it's ugly head long before now and not be stage I. I can't answer anything pertaining to the remark about the nasopharynx, but you should discuss that with your surgeon.
Good that it was caught early and it's a smaller tumor, so no further treatment should be needed.
Take care Judy

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So the CT scan showed no

So the CT scan showed no signs of cancer. I ended up in the hospital the day after the above post with afib. That lead to a stress test that showed a blockage requiring a stent. Forget any lung biopsy, or surgery until I'm off the stent medications in a year. The afib just stopped the afternoon after I had the CT scan. I told them it was stress that brought it on. They said stress couldn't bring on afib, but my blood pressure has always been low, along with cholesterol. I think people here might agree that the stress associated with lung cancer is unreal. Another CT scan in September. I have been very lucky to be dodging bullets recently. I'm gonna pay for it later I bet.

Hi atrooper,

Hi atrooper,

Congratulations on the excellent scan report! We'll hope that the afib was a one-time phenomenon, and that future scans will not be quite as stressful. Having said that, many of us have experienced "scanxiety" and we realize it's not that easy to approach a scan without it.

Wishing you continued great results!

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<p>I began visiting GRACE in July, 2008 when my wife Liz was diagnosed with lung cancer, and became a forum moderator in January, 2010. My beloved wife of 30 years passed away Nov. 4, 2011 after battling stage IV lung cancer for 3 years and 4 months</p>

Hello everyone!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!!

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Hi Sharon, Welcome to Grace. 

Hi Sharon,


Welcome to Grace.  Feel free to ask questions or offer experiences or info.  We also have tons of posts, written and video from our faculty of clinical oncologists.   


I hope you are doing fine and are getting what you need.  

All best,