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I have been researching the site for the last month as my aunt (who is my second mother) has been going through diagnoses. We're just informed that is a neuroendocrine SCLC, and she will see the oncologist in one week.

Problem is, I live in another country, and she lives with my (birth) mother, who relies on my aunt for almost everything (such as driving, cooking, shopping, etc).

I want to ask what practical help was most important to you, so I could provide it from afar. For example, finding someone to cook meals, etc. Also, did you use any medical equipment that helped you or your loved one on daily needs (such as stools for bath, bars on the bathroom, etc). This sort of specialized goods are very expensive back home, so I want to send it to her.

I am so at loss in this area!

Thank you very much for any input you could give, and for having his amazing site and resource. I am a scientist, and being able to find reliable facts and such caring human beings has been an amazing support for this journey.

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Hi anac, I'm sorry to read your aunt has been diagnosed with sclc. Depending on the healthcare system your aunt may be seen by an occupational therapist to get an understanding of her needs instead of guessing. Some provide the equipment needed. There may be a community organization that delivers meals to those who aren't able to cook for themselves or shop for those who need help with that.

Just because the healthcare system has a bad rap for being slow doesn't mean that your aunt won't get what she needs. Sometimes, a lot of times in the US you need to know the right questions to ask to get what you need. My SIL and I were talking about just that less than 3 hours ago.

Social workers are often used to help people find shoppers and help around the house when needed.

I hope your aunt does well,