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Whew! Breathing easy....... - 1241880

I just had my latest PET/CT scan. Report says everything is 'stable' (including a 3mm nodule adjacent to left major fissure, and an 8mm low density lesion in posterior right hepatic lobe that were seen in previous scan). Also noted are multiple bilateral renal cysts, intraparenchymal and peripelvic. Measurements of cysts in left kidney are 19mm - mildly complex with thin peripheral septation, 12mm - complex with a thin septation, and a 12mm cyst.

Question for the Drs: Would these assorted cysts/nodules be of concern or would it be within the realm of 'normal' and to wait for the next CT scan which will be 6 months or longer? My pulmonologist said he was thinking I would not need to repeat CT for a year.

The inflammation in my chest is a bit smaller with a lower SUV (now 3.1 vs. 7.3). Note - with all the steroids I have been given to knock down the inflammation, I now have "steroid-induced" diabetes! This is being treated as Diabetes 2, with metformin and insulin.

In spite of some of the ongoing issues above, at one year post surgery, I am finally feeling more like my ol' self. I consider getting past the 1 yr mark a 'Success Story'.

My husband is doing very well, at his 6 month post op status. His dx was. mucinous adenocarcinoma with BAC features, RLL removed. He will have his PET/CT next week.

We are grateful both our lung cancers were caught early, so we can enjoy the rest of our lives together. Next week we will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. Looking forward to reaching number 50.

A big 'THANK YOU' to all at Grace for the welcome and support given. You are the best!


71 yo female. RUL removed on 1/24/11. 1A non-mucinous BAC. T1N0M0. A single GGO nodule, of 2.5cm x 2 cm. was removed w/ a 2cm margin clearance. No lymph nodes involved. No chemo or radiation.
6/2/11- Mass in lung with FDG of 6.3 SUV. Subsequent biopsy showed mass to be granulomatous with non-caseating granulomas. (inflammation)
11/28/11 - Steroid-induced diabetes (!) on Metformin 2x day, plus insulin injections.
Smoking background was 1/2 pack a day, for 6 yrs. I quit smoking 44 years ago
My husband: 73 yo. Never smoker. dx Mucinous Adenocarcinoma with BAC features.
8/1/11. RLL removed.

laya d.
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CONGRATS to the both of you. . .I'm so glad you both are feeling good!!! And, here's the many many many good years ahead!


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Thank you, Laya. I check your posts as often as I can. Still saying prayers for your Mom, and the best possible outcome.
You are such a positive force here at Grace, your Mom is in good hands with you at her side.
-and we are blessed with your comments/insights.

Dr West
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Congratulations on those great results. I hope to hear about many future anniversaries -- of both the wedding and cancer milestone variety. We're very happy to be able to help any way we can.

-Dr. West

Dr. Howard (Jack) West
Associate Clinical Professor
Medical Oncology
City of Hope Cancer Center
Duarte, CA

Founder & President
Global Resource for Advancing
Cancer Education

laya d.
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You are so darn sweet! I realy appreciate your kindness and prayers for my Mom! My goodness. . .So SWEET!