Which trial to go on: MEDI4736 or IMMU-132 (TNBC patient) - 1261786

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Which trial to go on: MEDI4736 or IMMU-132 (TNBC patient) - 1261786

My wife is triple negative breast cancer patient. After several rounds of treatments and 3 different clinical trials, we are trying to figure out which trial to choose.
Two trials:
IMMU-132 is antibody drug conjugate: 3 out of 4 patients of TNBC had good response (6 months, 10 months, 3 months, 1 did not survive): Phase II

MEDI4736: immunotherapy, has been good in small cell lung cancer. But my wife is TNBC and this trial is single agent. We have not found out any data on this drug for TNBC.

need help to prioritize one over the other?

Background: 35 yr old, Stage IV, cancer in skin only.
treatments: taxol, FAC, bilateral mastectomy, radiation, ixempra+xeloda, chest wall surgery
trials: olaparib+BKM120, veliparib+ironitican, MEK+AKT2 inhibitor

Reply To: Which trial to go on: MEDI4736 or IMMU-132 (TNBC

Since MEDI4736 simply blocks an inhibitory step in your immune system, it seems reasonable to hope that it would work for other cancers as well. The interesting thing about this drug is the reports of fairly sustained cancer remissions that in a minority of patients. I would see this as a long odds but high potential for possible benefit.
In contrast, the irinotecan conjugate is chemotherapy with a linker intended to deploy at the site of the cancer. I would see this as potential to receive an active chemotherapy with hope for fewer side effects. Another linker drug, Kadcycla, has been successful in breast cancer. Hope this helps.