Wife has 7.2 Lung Mass in right lung - 1273531

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Wife has 7.2 Lung Mass in right lung - 1273531

My Wife was recently complaining of a nagging cough that lasted for a couple months she went to her PC doctor and they ordered a lung x ray that showed a spot, they then ordered a CT scan that showed the 7.2 CM lung mass , in the CT report it says it was ill defined and that it was suspicious for tumor invasion into the mediastinum and also possibly invading the chest wall and the top right rib, the report also notes several lymph nodes but only says that they all measure less the 1CM. So far these are the only two tests she has done , she is scheduled for a PET scan and a biopsy in the next few days.
My Wife is 48 years old a lifetime NON smoker who otherwise is in great health, went to the gym 5 days a week up until this started.
I have a few questions, from what I've read online because of the size of her mass if it does turn out to be cancer that it most likely is not stage 1 or even stage 2 is this correct?
At this point in the process is it possible that it could be something else , like a fungal or other type of infection ? I never knew that bathroom mold could harm you until this happened and I started looking online, we've lived in our house for 19 years and have had a terrible mold problem in our master bedroom bathroom for the whole 19 years, black mold covering the ceiling and about half the walls.


Hi Steve,

Hi Steve,

I'm so sorry your wife is going through this. Unfortunately a mass this size is usually cancer, however the possibility remains that it is not cancer and must be proven under the microscope that it is. Be hopeful for the best.
However if this is cancer a mass that large and that extends into the chest wall would be considered in the stage III range. Other staging factors include whether or not cancer cells have traveled through the lymph or blood systems, for when they do they most normally do so in large numbers called micro-metastases that will later appear in other parts of the body and considered stage IV.

Lymph nodes that measure a cm or less are within normal range even if a bit large could be from fighting infection.

On a personal note my husband was diagnosed with cancer that had traveled into the chest wall and into the ribs (see my signature at the bottom of my post). His tumor was inoperable but he was cure (it seems) with radiation and chemo. BTW, you'll note in my sig he also was thought to have 2 mets that were not proven through biopsy so we don't know and I think they most likely were not mets. So it stands, we think he had a difficult primary tumor but was cured through chemo and radiation.

I hope this isn't cancer but if it turns out that it is please don't hesitate to return here with questions.

I did a google search on "what mold is dangerous" and came up with these hits. Note that you need to be careful what you google for, especially a subject like this one. I read from Prevention's site https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF...

Again, Hoping For the Best!