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Mon, 09/09/2013 - 23:42

My husband,who is in his mid 60s, has had been treated for recurrent multifocal BAC for the past three years and recently had SBRTa month ago, after his lesions showed some progression while he was on Tarceva. Just to make it interesting, he was also diagnosed with prostate cancer last month as well and is considered to be at an intermediate risk,altho none of his Gleason scores was higher than 3+4. But because there was cancer in half of his 12 cores and some of them were as high as 50%\' he is not a good candidate for active surveillance and we won\'t know how effective the SBRT was for a few more months.
One of the things he is considering is beginning hormonal therapy as a prelude to radiation, but there are a lot of side effects to that. My question is - would any of those be likely to have a negative impact on his BAC? I\'ve read other posts here where people talk about being on hormone therapy for other cancers, but I didn\'t want to just assume that there were no consequences to the lungs. He has always been asymptomatic and in very good health ( well, the BAC and prostate cancer notwithstanding) but we know that the odds are good that the BAC will recur. Would his doing the hormone therapy be likely to limit his treatment options if/when the BAC returns? Thanks for always taking the time to answer all of my questions. Everyone here has always been so helpful.

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Dr West

No, I would say that outside of the "nothing's impossible" category, hormone therapy would be exceptionally unlikely to have a significant impact on his BAC/lung function. Having a second cancer would limit the opportunity for clinical trials for BAC, since almost all clinical trials exclude patients with a second cancer, but the hormone therapy on its own should not have a significant impact.

Good luck.

-Dr. West