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Xalkori Side Effects - 1255152

I am a nsclc patient with alk who has been taking Xalkori for (7) months with very few side effects. Recently, the visual floaters which I have every morning when I turn on the lights have gone away and the swelling of my lower legs has dimished quite a bit. Still have weakness in my lower legs.
Is this a sign that Xalkori is no longer effective or is it a sign my body is becoming more compatible with the medication?

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Larry, Since xalkori is such a new drug I don't think there is any evidence suggesting a connection to demented side effects and efficacy. So congratulations on feeling better!

Here is a link to a good conversation on the topic of side effects and dose changes to eliminate them. Kind of the same idea of loosing side effects but not efficacy. http://cancergrace.org/topic/xalkori-side-effects

This is a pretty extensive user group thread, http://cancergrace.org/topic/alk-or-ros1-nsclc-patient-group

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Agreed. I know of no evidence to suggest this would be associated with it losing its efficacy.

Good luck!

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