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Xcela power port - dull pain - 1264186

This evening my husband asked when his xcela power port that was placed for his four rounds of adjuvant chemo was going to be removed. We had this conversation a few weeks ago and agreed to wait at least until the next follow up scan. Usually when dementia symptoms are more prominent he will bring up a subject in a way that usually means something has changed. So I gingerly posed some questions and he said that he has been experiencing a dull pain when he washes the area in the shower. He also said that the pain on pressure from day one. Well I have learned not take to things he says at face value and am concerned that something might be brewing. I plan to call onc tomorrow but would like to know if it is common to feel a dull pain when pressing in the area or on the port?

Just to add insult to injury, I read the port literature a few minutes ago and it states that port should be flushed every four weeks. I thought it was 6-8 weeks. Well it's been almost 8 weeks without a flush. I did find cancergrace archive posts stating that not flushing can result in developing a clog and unlikely an infection due to it being underneath the skin. Is this still current thinking?

Thanking you in advance for any info.

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Lisa, I can't say how much pain/sensation there is in those types of ports but I'm sure some is expected. It's really important to keep an eye on them to watch for infection, they can be so bad these days. As for flushing, the statements from the manufacturer give the most conservative numbers and many stretch that number. They've not changed so I'd suspect the numbers still stand. Never the less it's so important to check anything out that's in question with a port

We can't tell you not to worry about a situation we don't have all the info on.

Hope all is well,

Dr West
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A dull pain isn't uncommon and usually isn't serious, but it's not rare to get an infection. Usually that's pretty tender, red, and warm in the area.

Though 4 weeks is a textbook answer (really kind of a CYA conservative answer), we often stretch it a little longer. I don't get my oil changed as often as the mechanics say is ideal, but you can usually get away with it just fine,

-Dr. West

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