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yellow phlegm and lung cancer - 1259228

Is yellow phlegm common for people with Lung cancer????
Ever since February of this year I have been coughing up yellow thick phlegm. Some days its coming out more and other days its not present at all. The cough and phlegm does not have any fevers with it or chills.I have asked my doctors about it but one say no and the others says not to worry as long as there is no fever with it. I'm just worried sick as to where the yellow phlegm is coming from? Is it infection site in my lungs or inflammation (which for some reasons I keep getting recurrent lung infection)? Or is it something else???

Just a little background about myself, I am 30 years old, female, diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer adenocarcinoma last year dec 2012. I am currently on Xalkori treatments. :(

Dr West
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A cough productive of phlegm is among the more common symptoms of lung cancer, and it's not necessarily worrisome in and of itself. Some cancers will produce a lot of mucus that leads to the cough. Others may lead to a higher risk of a pneumonia, which is more associated with green sputum and a fever.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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Thank you for the quick reply Dr. West :)