30 Days of Thanks and Lung Cancer - Linnea

Denise Brock, Operations Director

 For our first video in this month of gratitude, Linnea Olson stepped in front of the camera.  Linnea is one of many of our dedicated and amazing GRACE community who works hard as the best kind of patient advocate.  Helping others to learn about lung cancer helps us all.  We hold Linnea in the highest regard and are so grateful she shared herself with us for this Lung Cancer Awareness Month campaign. 

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Keep checking in to see the newest information about lung cancer treatments. We encourage you to share GRACE with the lung cancer patients and caregivers in your life so that they can benefit as well.


We would like to thank Keith Singer at Catch It in Time, who produced the videos, to Gilles Frydman and Laya Dogmetchi who took the portraits you will see throughout the month, to the patients and caregivers who stepped in front of our cameras with open and grateful hearts, and to you, the people who visit the GRACE website and read our materials on a regular basis. Thank you for appreciating our work.


And thanks to the following companies for their support of our LCAM 2016 program

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