Happy Holidays! Make an Impact with GRACE and ONEHOPE

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Every bottle makes an impact!
Amy Bickleman, Executive Director

ONEHOPE wine has partnered with GRACE for the holidays and is donating 10% of all purchases of wine, coffee and gifts to GRACE.

ONEHOPE wine supports non-profits working with veterans, helping shelter animals, funding research on cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism – and many more great causes, and now 10% will also go directly to GRACE.

ONEHOPE Wine is located in Napa, California and has a collection of international wines from New Zealand, Australia and Italy. Discounts are available when you purchase 6 or 12 bottles (the more you buy the more you save, AND the more you can have donated to GRACE!) but every single purchase will benefit GRACE, even single bottles!

Please use this special GRACE page to place your orders and start making a difference today

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