Mandarin Lung Cancer Video Library - The Leading Treatment Options for Advanced NSCLC and High PDL-1

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Jenny J. Li, MD, GRACE Guest Faculty
Dr. Jenni Li joins GRACE as guest faculty to provide updated information to our Mandarin Lung Cancer Video Library, for our mandarin speaking community.

In this video, Dr. Li shares information on the leading treatment options for patients with advanced NSCLC and high tumor PD-L1 expression.

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李仁妮博士加入GRACE,担任客座教授,为普通话社区提供最新信息给我们的普通话肺癌视频库。 在此视频中,李医生分享了晚期NSCLC和高肿瘤PD-L1表达患者的主要治疗选择的信息。

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