Supportive Care Video Series: Malignant Ascites or Fluid in the Belly

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Arjun Gupta, MD, Advisory Board Member, GRACE Faculty
GRACE is very happy to bring to you more videos from our program, Supportive Care in Cancer Treatment.

In this video our host, Dr. Arjun Gupta speaks with Shaalan Beg, MD, with UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX . Dr. Beg and Dr. Gupta discuss Malignant Ascites, or fluid in the belly, in patients with cancer.  
Ascites is the fluid that can accumulate within the peritoneal cavity.  Cancers of the colon/rectum, ovary, breast, lung, pancreas, liver and lymphoma are generally the most common cancers that may develop ascites.    


For further information, Drs. Gupta and Beg have recently also published a patient page in JAMA Oncology - you can view the patient page here:  or view the document below.



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