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GRACE unedited videos for the Live in Philadelphia 2019 Targeted Therapies Patient Forum are available to view!
Denise Brock, Operations Director
GRACE faculty joined live and online participants on April 6, 2019, in Philadelphia, PA to discuss the newest breakthroughs in Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer 

We are working to edit the videos and post them on our site but meanwhile -- please feel free to view the unedited versions now in YouTube (to view the full playlist, click the three lines in the upper left corner. )  

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Discussions from the patient forum included:

NGS: Current Status, Barriers and Emerging Targets

Joshua Bauml, MD

  • Liquid Biopsies as a New Option: How Does it Fit In?

Charu Aggarwal, MD

  • What is the Role for Rebiopsy Today?

Hossein Borghaei, DO, MS

  • EGFR: initial treatment, acquired resistance, Q&A

Helena Yu, MD

H. Jack West, MD

  • ALK/ROS1: initial treatment, acquired resistance, Q&A

Charu Aggarwal, MD

Melina Marmarelis, MD

  • RET/MET/BRAF: initial treatment, acquired resistance, Q&A

Joshua Sabari, MD

Joshua Bauml, MD

  • Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Research with Narrow Populations

Joshua Sabari, MD

  • Immunotherapy for Targeted Therapies -- What Do We Know?

Helena Yu, MD

  • Controlling the Brain as a Separate Compartment

H. Jack West, MD

  • Paying for Oral Targeted Therapies - Challenges and Pathways to Coverage

Christine Cambareri, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP

  • Online Communities - Support, Education & Partnership on Research

Jill Feldman, Patient Advocate

  • Online Communities - Facilitating and Partnership in Research

Ivy Elkins, Patient Advocate

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