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Amy brings over three decades of experience in for-profit and nonprofit business management and ownership. In December 2017, she joined The Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education as its Executive Director. She directs its growth in strategy, revenue, outreach, partnership, and programs.

Unique Opportunity for Oncology Fellows to Become Featured Contributors of Critical Content
Amy Bickleman
GRACE is launching a new initiative that will provide a unique opportunity for a select number of oncology fellows to serve as featured contributors of educational content on our website.  

GRACE is looking for nominations for oncology fellows to serve as contributors on the GRACE site. 

We are excited to identify and recruit new fellows to work with GRACE to expand and diversify our content. This program is open to all oncology fellows. Our goal is to bring in new faculty and create a GRACE ambassador patient education network. Fellow contributors will recommend content and ideas based on their area of expertise, and GRACE will offer expertise on communicating effectively with patients. 


GRACE Fellows Ambassador Overview

The Fellows Ambassador Program will feature content produced by a select number of oncology Fellows with a particular interest and passion for communications, patient education, and for those who are simply looking for a way to give back to the oncology community. This unique opportunity is for a select number of oncology Fellows to serve as featured contributors of educational content on the GRACE website. 

Fellows accepted in the program will receive a stipend per project. The program offers visibility on their CV and adds notoriety as they start their career in oncology. Fellows accepted in the program will have a proven ability to stay abreast of the latest advances in cancer medicine. Selections for Fellows will be made by the GRACE Fellows Ambassador Committee from nominations from directors as well as direct applications from fellows. From the pool of nominees, the top candidates will receive the honor of working with GRACE to create content, in video and/or written format.

The Fellows program will also include a mentoring component for the participants in an effort to further advance their communication skills, such as social media and in person communication directly with their patients and caregivers.

This program is open to all oncology fellows including those still in fellowship and embarking on their post-fellowship junior faculty or practice opportunities; however, it is required that applicants are still a fellow at the time of the deadline, March 30, 2019.
 GRACE’s designated committee will review the nominees and applications and select 2 participants for the honor of participating in the 2019 program. All applicants will be notified of the decision by April 15.

To nominate a Fellow, please download the GRACE Fellows Ambassador Nomination Form, above.  
If you are a Fellow and would like to apply directly, please click here to access our online application.
All applications and forms are due by March 30, 2019.
Emailed or mailed Nomination forms should be sent to:

or by mail to:


Attn: Amy Bickleman

4616 25th Ave N# #300

Seattle, WA 98105


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