Webside Discussions - Coronavirus & Cancer Treatment Pt 2 - Update - Telemedicine in Patient Care

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Webside Discussions Updates - Coronavirus & Cancer Treatment Pt 2 - Update on the Use of Telemedicine in Patient Care, Presented July 2020
H. Jack West, MD, Founder, President and CEO
In part two of this three part video series update, presented in July of 2020, GRACE Faculty and Members of the Board of Directors continue their candid discussions regarding cancer and Covid-19.

GRACE Board Members Drs. H. Jack WestJared Weiss and Ben Levy have another candid discussion regarding cancer and Covid-19 and how the ongoing pandemic is effecting patient care. In this series update, we discuss an update on the use of telemedicine in patient care during the pandemic.

  • Part 1 - How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Changed Cancer Management in Patient Care
  • Part 2 - Update on the Use of Telemedicine in Patient Care During the Pandemic
  • Part 3 - Challenges and the Future Outlook for In Person Patient Care


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