Joshua Brody, MD

GRACE Guest Faculty - Blood Cancers
Mount Sinai Hospital
Faculty - Blood Cancer
New York
Cancer (Oncology) Hematology-Oncology

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology Cancer (Oncology), Hematology-Oncology, The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Lymphoma Immunotherapy Program at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Brody Lab focus on basic and applied tumor immunology (particularly in lymphoma, melanoma, and ovarian adenocarcinoma). Dr. Brody's other areas of interest include: bioinformatic-based collaborations tracking T-cell responses using high-throughput sequencing of the entire TCRbV repertoire and studies of small-molecule inhibitors of lymphocyte signal transduction, e.g. PI3K, mTOR, btk. The  lab has the rare opportunity to both perform correlative studies on primary patient tumor samples from early phase clinical trials and to continually develop advancements in those trials based on what is learned. The core mission is the translation of basic science in tumor immunology into novel clinical trials and development of correlative science associated with those trials to gain a greater understanding of mechanistic-clinical correlates.


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