Nancy Sladicka, Board Member

Nancy Sladicka, PhD
Nucleus Global
Warren and Hamilton
President (US Operations), Nucleus Global

Nancy has a background in molecular biology and has over 20 years of experience in medical education and healthcare communications. Much of her professional experience has focused in the area of oncology, and has included oversight of grant funded educational programming, advisory board planning and execution, scientific communications and publication planning, clinical support and clinical trial awareness initiatives, as well as educational content development and dissemination. Nancy was at Ogilvy CommonHealth for a period of 15 years where she helped build a team of professionals focused on delivering medical education in several therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology, and infectious diseases. Nancy is currently with Nucleus Global, an independently-owned medical communications organization with 14 offices across the world. Nancy is responsible for the US region which includes 8 medical communications agencies and central service groups. She was previously serving as the business lead of Scientific Pathways, a subsidiary company of Nucleus Global. In that role, Nancy worked directly with pharma clients to provide medical communications support for products in late-stage clinical development as well as those already approved by the US FDA. Nancy completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship in Hematology at Dartmouth Medical School, and earned her PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Rutgers.

Nancy is proud to serve on the board and looks forward to continuing to apply her professional experience in any way possible to help further the mission of GRACE.

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GRACE is celebrating 10 years! 

In recognition, we would like to introduce you to the staff and board members who are so deeply involved in bringing GRACE to life. In this video, we introduce Nancy Sladicka.

Dr. H. Jack West and the GRACE community have been helping each other since before that time but in this 10th year as a non-profit, we are pleased and humbled by the feedback and graciousness of those we have the pleasure to work with, and those who have found help and support through our GRACE site.

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