Tim Godfrey, Board Member

Tim Godfrey
THG Consulting
Technology Consulting, Web Development

Drawn by the culture of adventure and the mountains of the PNW, Tim moved to Seattle from New Jersey in 1991. After riding the early wave of tech in Seattle, with a background in software development and experience volunteering with nonprofits, Tim saw a gap in technology expertise in the nonprofit sector. Tim co-founded Fuse IQ, a web development agency focusing its expertise on serving nonprofit organizations.

Tim has 30 years of experience in the Seattle tech industry. Prior to founding Fuse IQ, he worked for companies such as Aldus, Adobe, and Qpass. His expertise spans software development to web development, database development, project, and technical management, people management, and business operations. He loves using technology to solve problems and come up with innovative solutions. 

His favorite activities include spending time with his wife and two boys, playing guitar, and adventuring in the mountains. He’s also involved in the Seattle nonprofit community, volunteering with organizations such as JDRF.  Tim lives in Seattle with his wife, two boys, and their dog Rainy.


When asked specifically what being on the Board of GRACE means to him, Tim stated "I believe strongly in the mission of GRACE and of patient education in empowering cancer patients and their families to be their own best advocates and more successful in their cancer fight.  I believe the support and community provided to patients through GRACE is invaluable to them in their difficult cancer journey."

Conflict of Interest

Tim founded FUSE IQ, the digital agency that worked with GRACE to build the newest version of the cancerGRACE.org website.  

What Is Precision Medicine?

Many people I speak with are not familiar with the term “precision medicine” (sometimes referred to as “personalized medicine”). In recent years this field has come to the forefront of medicine, particularly in treating diseases such as cancer. Precision medicine offers the promise of customized healthcare to patients, based on an individual’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle. This article gives a high-level introduction to precision medicine.