Lung Cancer Video Library - Spanish Language: Video #1 What is adjuvant chemotherapy for early stage NSCLC and why would it be recommended?


All of us at the Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education are very excited to introduce our newest project - the GRACE Spanish Lung Cancer Library. This collection of videos with our Spanish speaking faculty will discuss the basics of lung cancer for Spanish speaking patients and caregivers. For our first video, Antonio Calles, MD, Medical Oncologist, Thoracic Oncology Program, Hospital General Universitario, Gregorio Marraron, Madrid, Spain joined GRACE to discuss what is adjuvant chemotherapy for early stage NSCLC and why it would be recommended.

Case in Point: Recommending Post-Operative Chemo for a Patient with a Smaller NSCLC Tumor but High-Risk Features


This is the first in a series of "uncut" videos that I'm starting that will focus on illustrative cases from my clinic that highlight some broader teaching points.  This particular video is on the decision-making process that led me to recommend adjuvant chemotherapy for a patient who underwent surgery for a 3.5 cm lung adenocarcinoma without lymph node involvement.

Modifying Factors: Should Patients with Smaller Resected Node-Negative NSCLC Tumors Receive Adjuvant Chemo?


While post-operative chemotherapy for early stage NSCLC is a well-established standard for relatively healthy patients with stage II or higher resected cancers, the question of whether adjuvant chemotherapy is more likely to help or hurt a patient remains more a matter of debate.

Sacrilegious Thoughts on Adjuvant Therapy for Resected Early Stage NSCLC


There's a problem in our discussions of standard treatment for patients with higher risk resected early stage NSCLC, and that is that there is a pretty clearly defined standard of care of giving typically around 4 cycles of cisplatin-based chemotherapy to reduce the risk of recurrence, but in truth, the majority of people in the real world don't get it. Still, I wouldn't want to imply that the problem is definitely that doctors aren't giving the right treatment to people who should definitely be getting it.

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