Does standard chemo treat bone metastasis?


March 17, 2018 at 8:12 am #1294101

I have stage 4 NSCLC adenocarcinoma with bone metastasis. I started carboplatin Alimta Avastin chemo treatment and wondering if this triplet is effectively treating bone metastasis as well….. I am also receiving zoledronic acid every three weeks , but it does treat bone mets.

There are very limited publications related to effectiveness of standard chemo on bone metastasis. I’ve found that targeted drugs such Erlotinib and gifatinib are very effective in treating bone metastasis.

4 plus years stage 4 NSCLC with ALK mutation


New and first time post. Wife diagnosed nsclc 7/2012 stage 4 ALK mutation. Now 57 never smoker and active exerciser. Full 6 treatments carbo/alimta and 1plus year alimta maintenance. Crizotinib about a year forced to ceritinib due to more than 25 brain mets and balnce issues. also at same time, whole brain radiation in 10/2015 mistake??? Brain mets size reduced and stable as of 6/2016. Was it radiation or ceritinib?? Bone mets in shoulder 2/2016 and palliative rad.

Lung Cancer Video Library - Zoledronate or Denosumab for Lung Cancer with Bone Metastases



One of the important points about patients with advanced lung cancer is that 30-40% of patients will develop bone metastases. I think it’s important to recognize this is not bone cancer, this is lung cancer that’s moved to the bone, and in 30-40% of patients at some point who have advanced stage lung cancer, they will develop bone metastases. The question is: how do you manage these patients?

Pain from Bone Metastases: Treatment Approaches, Focusing on Radiation


We've established that bone metastases are common, and now we'll talk about approaches to manage pain that often accompanies them. As I mentioned previously, sometimes a metastases occurs in a weight-bearing bone, in which case we often recommend a prophylactic surgical procedure to stabilize the bone at risk for fracture. Radiation can also reduce the risk for fracture and improve pain.

Bone Metastases in Lung Cancer: An Introduction


I've discussed the general management of metastatic lung cancer, both SCLC and NSCLC, but there are also several common complications that sometimes require particular management. Bone metastases, for instance, may be treated by the same "whole body" approach with chemotherapy that treats other areas of tumor involvement, but may also benefit from additional approaches.

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